PMT IPTV User Guide & Videos

PMT IPTV User Guide

PMT TV – Info Bar

The info bar is a quick way of finding information about the show you are watching, what comes on later, and what is on other channels.

Guide and PPV

Learn how to buy Pay Per View events within the Guide.


Guide is the place to quickly find out what's on now and what's playing later. You can set Reminders or Recordings for upcoming programs in Guide.


Favorites allow you to create, edit, choose or delete a list of your favorite channels. You can even have multiple Favorites list.


Search allows you to enter the title or partial title of a program or video and find any program matching the text you entered, including available programming currently stored on your DVR.

Stream Management

The Stream Management feature helps control the amount of bandwidth any one user can utilize. When you've exceed your subscribed bandwidth to the home, Stream Management let's you decide which channels to watch.


DVR, learn how to record, schedule and view your recordings.

Whole Home DVR

Whole Home DVR allows you to record and view per-recorded shows on any set-top box in the house hold.

Recording and Pausing

Learn how to record and pause live TV with a DVR.

Watch TV Everywhere Guide

Watch TV Everywhere

Remote Control Guides

Flipper Remote

Entone 3 Button Remote (US Edition)

Entone 4 Button/Amino Remote

Closed Captioning

For questions or complaints regarding your PMT services or closed captioning concerns, please call PMT’s Repair Service at (208) 436-3122 or write to us at PO Box 366, Rupert, ID 83350 or by email to