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Family enjoying high-speed residential internet service.


Internet Packages



  • Speed up to 5 Mbps x 1 Mbps
  • No contract required
  • Great for emailing, homework, and casual internet use
  • Equipment included
  • 5 email addresses (10 GB per email) - FREE



  • Speed up to 15 Mbps x 1 Mbps
  • No contract required
  • Perfect for sharing pictures, downloading music, and streaming video
  • Equipment included
  • 5 email addresses (10 GB per email) – FREE



  • Speed up to 15 Mbps x 2 Mbps
  • No contract required
  • Best for video and picture uploads, and gaming
  • Equipment included
  • 5 email addresses (10 GB per email) – FREE



  • Speed up to 20 Mbps x 2 Mbps
  • No contract required
  • All of the previously listed features, and everything is faster!
  • Equipment included
  • 5 email addresses (10 GB per email) – FREE
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Residential High-Speed Internet

As your local residential internet service provider, we believe in delivering true high-speed internet. With PMT high-speed internet, you’ll get a reliable, always-on connection, whether you’re streaming Netflix, gaming online with your friends, or just surfing the web.

When you subscribe to High-Speed Residential Internet with PMT, you become part of the family. No data caps or contracts - just the best service and high-speed internet you deserve.

MiHome Logo, offered through PMT across Southern Idaho.

Worry-Free Whole Home Wifi

MiHome provides whole-home Wi-Fi coverage, giving you seamless residential internet access in every room. Your whole family will enjoy faster speeds, stronger connections, and the ability to connect all devices simultaneously.

When you subscribe to MiHome, PMT’s technicians will help you:

  • Configure and select the best location for your router
  • Connect your wireless devices
  • Assess your signal strength
  • Recommend ways to eliminate dead spots and slow speeds

We’ll find out which devices are most important to you and give them priority on your network. We’ll even help customize advanced settings, like parental controls and guest networks, to ensure security and optimal performance.

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Add-On Cost: $9.95/mo

MiHome Information

  • Customers must have download speed up to 15 Mbps and upload speed up to 1 Mbps in order to use MiHome.
  • Managed Wi-Fi
  • Eliminates Wifi Dead Zones
  • Whole Home WiFi Coverage
  • $49 Setup and Installation Fee
  • Additional Equipment may be required
  • 1st Extender - $7.95/mo
  • Additional Extenders - $5.95/mo

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Why PMT Internet?

No Contracts

We trust that you'll love our internet services so much you won't want to leave.

No Data Limits

We won't cap your data, limit your usage, or throttle your internet speeds.

No Cancellation Fees

We understand life happens. You can walk away at any time, but we'd really miss you.

No Surprises

Get fast, fair-priced residential internet from people you trust.

No Strangers

When you sign up for any of our services, you become a member-owner of our cooperative. We're neighbors, and we put our owners and community first.

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We Offer Fiber Optic Internet

With Internet speeds up to a gigabit per second, we provide the fastest internet speeds in the Magic Valley. (That’s the ability to download a full HD movie every 5 seconds.) Plus, our world-class technical team and customer support ensures unbeatable local service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pick the best plan for your needs.

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