Community Involvement

PMT is committed to serving the residents of southern Idaho. Our dedication to the area we serve is fundamental to who we are. PMT is better able to serve our members because we are your neighbors and friends.

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Sponsorship Request

PMT has a strong tradition of supporting community needs throughout our service areas. We regard partnerships with nonprofit organizations as an important investment in the future of communities we serve and the vitality of our company.

Over time, we have participated in and assisted with many community projects, festivals, educational programs, youth sports activities, local government events, health programs, and nonprofit organizations. To achieve the greatest benefit from our available funding, we focus on events or programs that directly impact the communities we serve.

To be considered for a sponsorship/donation request please submit the PMT Sponsorship Request Application.  You have two options: you can complete an online version, or you can print, complete and mail your application.  Please note you must submit your request at least 30 days prior to the date needed.

Online Sponsorship Request Application

Please fill out this online form or mail your fully completed application to: 

Attn: Sponsorship Request
PO Box 366
Rupert, ID 83350