Get to Know the PMT Team

High speed fiber optic cable offered through PMT.

parent using high speed internet with their child

Management Team

Dan Hoover, CEO of PMT

Dan Hoover

Chief Executive Officer

Rick Harder, CFO of PMT

Rick Harder

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Draper, director of operations for PMT

Scott Draper

Director of Operations

Brent Stimpson, NOC/IT Manager for PMT

Brent Stimpson

NOC/IT Manager

Mike Walsh, Sales Manager for PMT.

Mike Walsh

Sales Manager

Matt Lyman, Director | Business Development & Managed Service for PMT.

Matt Lyman

Director | Business Development & Managed Services

Kamy Fuller, Retail Supervisor for PMT.

Kamy Fuller

CSR Supervisor

George Gallegos, Manager of Facilities for PMT.

George Gallegos

Manager of Facilities

Sales Team

Bryan Beckstead, Account Executive for PMT.

Bryan Beckstead

Account Executive

Board of Directors

The PMT members are represented by five directors who are elected at large by the members. Each director serves a three-year term, and may be re-elected. The terms are staggered so that each year members elect one or two directors. Each director is responsible for understanding the complex telecommunications industry in order to provide effective guidance for the company. This is especially important in this time of rapid change in technology and regulation.

Jason Gibbons, Chairman of PMT

Jason Gibbons


Roger Schaeffer, Vice Chairman of PMT

Roger Schaeffer

Vice Chairman

Ron Clawson, Secretary & Treasurer of PMT.

Ron Clawson

Secretary &

Alan Johnson, Director of PMT.

Alan Johnson


Greer Copeland, Director of PMT.

Greer Copeland