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What is Fiber Gaming Network (FGN)?

FGN is a vibrant online community that offers an engaging and dynamic environment for gamers and esports enthusiasts. The platform provides an array of activities that cater to a diverse audience, hosting 3-5 virtual gaming and esports events every week. Members can participate in Virtual Game Nights and Tournaments, immersing themselves in competitive and fun-filled gaming experiences.

Additionally, FGN offers Exclusive Livestream Content, allowing members to enjoy unique and captivating broadcasts. The community is also known for its Exciting Giveaways, adding an element of surprise and rewards for active participants. All these features come at no extra cost as part of our top 3-tier Fiber Plans. Get started with the Fiber Gaming Network, today!

Exciting Gaming Events All Month Long

From casual community nights to weekend tournaments, we’re covering all your favorite games.

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Live Streams!

Most FGN events are live streamed on Twitch. Listen in for a chance to score exciting giveaways!