Our Values to Our Members and Partners

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PMT is committed to serving the residents of southern Idaho. Our dedication to the area we serve is fundamental to who we are. PMT is better able to serve our members because we are your neighbors and friends.

PMT’s members can depend on us because we stand behind our services. We are committed to offering quality service to make our members’ lives easier, and quickly address any issues that arise.

PMT’s members can count on us to be honest and forthright in every interaction. Since 1916, we have built our business on the model of professionalism and trust.

PMT works with our members to determine and fulfill their communications needs. Meanwhile, we strive to build as our mission statement says, “a personal and active relationship with our customers and community.”

PMT is proud to be a Cooperative, meaning that our success extends to our members. A core company value is to give back to our members, so that PMT only gains if our members gain as well.