PMT Employee of the Year 2024

Lesa Rabe Employee of the Year

PMT Employee of the Year

Juli was chosen by our management team as employee of the year for 2024. Juli has been with PMT for two years now as our Marketing and Public Relations Specialist. Juli is responsible for advertising, marketing campaigns for PMT and overall sales support. She is our liaison for the Magic Valley with City Councils, County Commissioners, and our various Chamber of Commerce’s. 

Juli has done such a tremendous job bringing more visibility to the Magic Vallet representing PMT. She is remarkably talented with presentations, advertising trends and marketing PMT products.

Juli is consistently willing to help where needed in the sales department and with after hour events. She always wears a smile with such a positive attitude. We greatly appreciate the addition that Juli has made to our sales staff and PMT.

Juli is well deserving of the Employee of the Year Award, and we are excited to have her at PMT.