Managed IT Services

PMT’s Managed IT team are experts in bringing tailored solutions to technology challenges whether big or small. Our IT staff provide installation, support, training, and repair of all things related to networks and computers. From simple repairs to set up and administration of entire networks, a dedicated IT management team can handle all of your business’s technical needs.
Free Consultation

Service Contracts and Administration

Contracting PMT to take care of your network, whether large or small, is like having your own 24/7 IT Department just a phone call away.

On Site or Remote Options Available

You can bring equipment to any of our local offices, or we can come to you.

Highly Trained Certified Technicians

Our technicians are highly trained and certified to solve your toughest IT problems. 


Securing your business means more than locking up at night. You need to protect your physical items, such as equipment and inventory, as well as the private information on your network. PMT offers security solutions for both your real-world and virtual assets.


  • Offering both residential and business alarm systems
  • Video surveillance to keep an eye on things when you can't
  • Key/badge access systems that will help keep your employees safe and can provide a record of who comes and goes

Internet Security

  • Private internet connections
  • Firewalls to protect sesitive data

Network Security

  • Secure network technology keeps both your and your customers' information private
  • Backup and storage systems for your important data