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MiHome provides whole-home Wi-Fi coverage, giving you seamless internet access in every room. Your whole family will enjoy faster speeds, stronger connections, and the ability to connect more devices simultaneously.

When you subscribe to MiHome, PMT’s technicians will help you configure and select the best location for your router, connect your wireless devices, assess your signal strength, and recommend ways to eliminate dead spots and slow speeds. We’ll find out which devices are most important to you and give them priority on your network. We’ll even help customize advanced settings, like parental controls and guest networks, to ensure security and optimal performance.




/per month
Managed WiFi
Eliminateds WiFi dead zones
Whole-home WiFi Coverage
$49 setup & installation fee
Additional equipment may be required
First extender $7.95
Additional extenders - $5.95


Wi-Fi problems? Make sure your router is up to date.

If you’re not getting the Wi-Fi performance you expect, the first thing to check is whether your router is based on old technology. If files take forever to download, streaming videos don’t display smoothly, and you have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi in some areas of your home, then there’s a good chance an old router is the culprit.

The fact is, all routers are not created equal. If your router is even just a few years old, it’s out of date. It could be preventing you from getting the most out of the new wireless devices you’ve invested in.

The router we provide with MiHome service uses the latest 802.11ac standard. It offers major performance improvements you’ll really notice when you’re online. There’s no expensive equipment to buy – it’s all included with MiHome.

For the optimal Wi-Fi experience, extenders may be needed for larger premises. These extenders will  extend your Wi-Fi signal to areas that may have been previous dead-zones, or well beyond the range you thought your Wi-Fi signal could travel, creating a seamless Wi-Fi experience.

For residential service only. MiHome is only available to customers on a 15 Mbps package or higher. PMT is not responsible for any devices added to the home after the initial install. PMT is not responsible for end user devices. Optimal router placement is based on the existing wiring location in your home. Additional equipment may be required for larger homes. First extender is $7.95/month with additional extenders $5.95/month