Business Spotlight: Christa’s Dress Shoppe & Tuxedo



Commitment – this is the cornerstone upon which Christa Hannold has built her business, Christa’s Dress Shoppe & Tuxedo. Hannold is entering her 15th wedding season, when she and her consultants help brides of all budgets find the dress of their dreams. In addition to selling wedding dresses, Christa’s is a one-stop shop for all things related to apparel for the entire wedding party.

Hannold got her start as a seamstress, and as more brides came to her to perfect their wedding dresses, she saw a need for a dress shop. She opened Christa’s Dress Shoppe & Tuxedo 15 years ago in downtown Twin Falls.

“I love taking care of the brides that come into my shop. It’s all about building a relationship with them and making a special day even better,” states Christa Hannold. “The heart of my business is marriage, and I hope to deliver the same level of commitment to each bride I work with as they do with their fiancé.”


During Hannold’s history with the shop, she went through many internet and telephone providers with poor quality of service. Her phone lines would crack, and she wasn’t able to get Wi-Fi coverage throughout her entire building.

She notes, “Since switching to PMT, I have crystal-clear phone lines, and I can now get Wi-Fi throughout my 100-year old (mostly cement) building. PMT is always here for me, popping in to make sure things are working well. I know if I ever have a problem, they will continue to be here in the future.”
For any relationship to be successful, both parties must be committed. PMT is happy to provide this commitment to Christa’s Dress Shoppe & Tuxedo, as well as to all our customers.