2019 Grant Recipients


The PMT Foundation awarded over $15,000 to organizations in the Magic Valley, each seeking to help sustain and improve our community.

“Once again we received grant applications from many worthwhile and deserving organizations from all across the area served by PMT,” states Marianne Welch, PMT Foundation Chairman. “We are pleased to announce our 2019 grant recipients and wish them continued success in their efforts to positively impact many in the communities they serve in the Magic Valley.”

As a customer-owned cooperative, Project Mutual Telephone (PMT) pays patronage dividends back to customers every year based on services used. When those monies go unclaimed for a number of years, they are transferred over to the PMT Foundation, which focuses on furthering education through a scholarship program and supporting community projects through grant awards.

The 2019 recipients were:

  • Oakely Valley Senior Citizens – $4,000 – To purchase tables and chairs for the Heritage Center, as the number of seniors using the center continues to rise.
  • Mini-Cassia Shelter – $3,500 – To replace aged appliances in the safe house
  • Friends of the DeMary Library – $2,534 – To install a set of Handicap Automatic Door Openers on the west side of the Library.
  • Mini-Cassia Search and Rescue – $2,500 – To purchase thermal imagers to help aid in search and rescue missions. The thermal imagers are useful in that they can expedite searches as they work in the dark, and in inclement weather.
  • Wilson Theatre – $2,500 – To purchase a scrim screen to project scenery on the stage for plays, concerts and productions.


PMT Grant Applications are awarded once a year and will become available again in the summer of 2020.


About PMT Foundation

The PMT Foundation was created in 2006 by the PMT Board of Directors as a charitable foundation. The Foundation helps further education in communities served by PMT through its scholarship program.  It also supports projects and programs that sustain and improve those communities.



About PMT 

Project Mutual Telephone (PMT) is a full-service communications company providing local telephone and its associated features, including long distance and voicemail, cell phone service, cable TV, IPTV, high-speed internet, directory publishing and computer networking and repair for home and office.  Headquartered in Rupert, Idaho, PMT has been serving the Magic Valley since 1916.  PMT serves 8,000 member customers and has offices in Rupert, Burley and Twin Falls, ID.